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a caring & connected community for people overcoming addiction

What is the Overcomers Place?

The Overcomers Place is an all addictions treatment centre that runs FREE daily groups Monday to Friday to help individuals recovering from any addiction.

Overcoming is possible!

We have centres in Bronte, Gladesville and offer many sessions on Zoom.

Watch our videos at the bottom of this page for more information or contact us below.

come & learn about addiction

If you, or someone you know are suffering from addiction and want to break the cycle, The Overcomers Place would love to invite you to our Free Public Education Webinar in Bronte, on 2nd March 2024.​


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How two people used a drinking problem for good

What is The Overcomers Place?

How Does The Overcomers Place WOrk?

Have you ever had a black out?

What does a week at Top look like?

who is the overcomers Place for?

How do I join the Overcomers Place?

What is the cost of not
seeking recovery?

Reach out for recovery today

Someone dies from an alcohol-related disease every 90 seconds. The decision you're considering right now could be the difference between life and death.  

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