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One in twenty Australians will struggle with an addiction disorder at some point in their life. Substance abuse-related hospitalisation has continued to increase over the past five years, and in Australia, someone dies from an alcohol-related illness every ninety minutes. Addiction is deadly - but it doesn't have to be a life sentence.



At The Overcomers Place, we know from personal experience that the best way to beat addiction is with genuine, informed support. Our addiction support groups are a place for you to connect with others experiencing struggles similar to your own, and to learn the practical skills you need to break the cycles of addiction in your life for good.


Addiction impacts everyone differently. All of our counsellors and therapists have experienced the struggles of addiction first-hand, and our program aims to provide you with sensitive, non-judgemental support that takes your individual needs, progress and window of tolerance into account.

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In order to recover from addiction, you need to be seen, heard and reminded that you aren't alone. We want to help you learn how to communicate your struggles effectively, develop essential distress tolerance and boundary setting skills, and challenge the false belief systems that tell you, "Recovery isn't possible."

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Our addiction support groups are a safe space to express your struggles, celebrate your success and grow alongside others who are overcoming addictions of their own. Group therapy can also help to reduce the feelings of shame and isolation that might have stopped you from seeking support in the past by reminding you that you aren't alone.

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if you haven't been there yourself,

how can you possibly understand?


On March 18 in 2003, Penny Wilkinson had her last alcoholic drink.

The Big Book of AA says that the only way to achieve long-term addiction recovery is to work intensively again addiction with others. Penny took this advice to heart, and on March 19 2020, The Overcomers Place held its first ever addiction support group.


Years of professional counselling experience combined with decades of personal struggle against addiction have led Penny to develop a deep, genuine passion for seeing others reclaim their lives and achieve sustainable, long-lasting recovery. She believes that in order to help someone move towards recovery, you need to a) confront the underlying issues that have snowballed into addiction, and b) have experienced the pain of substance addiction first-hand. These are the foundations of The Overcomers Place, and with these foundations in mind, Penny believes that anyone can break the cycle of addiction - all that matters is taking the first step.

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